In close cooperation with all our staff and with the active involvement of our customers and suppliers, ISOLAB has established a quality management system that conforms to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and which is integrated into daily practice.


The requirement of our customers for our company to develop and manufacture reliable and safe products in accordance with the highest possible international quality standards is at the very center of our quality concept.

This exceptional concept involves the products by applying a quality control system which is constantly improved with the latest technologies in order to yield the most accurate results.

Our quality concept is like a closed ring in which every step is linked to each other. Since our product quality depends on the quality of the production process, ISOLAB quality assurance starts from the first production step and puts emphasis on all the related phases. In this regard, from the selection of optimum raw materials to quality assurance within our own company as well as external accredited laboratories, the entire process down to the final product is strictly controlled.

Equipped with qualified workforce, hi-tech equipment and adequate auxiliary systems, this very concept assures ISOLAB quality and transforms into the worldwide ISOLAB brand.

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