The next step of the glassware production is silk screening on the bodies of the calibrated products. Not only that ISOLAB has been using the most advanced printing machines in order to achieve the highest quality of printing results but furthermore, the stretchable screen stencils are used in printing process carried out at ISOLAB. These stencils are easily stretched to match the calibration marks so that volume precision is maintained for all volume levels.

ISOLAB uses 3 different colors of ink (blue / amber / white) that are specially manufactured to be used on laboratory glassware.

As a standard ISOLAB volumetric line is printed with blue ink whereas amber and white prints are also available upon request. Regardless of the color, highly contrasted and fine printing allows precise reading, especially for scaled products such as measuring cylinders, pipettes and burettes.


According to the DIN standards, the following information has to be printed on the bodies of all volumetric glassware: 

Nominal capacity
Class degree
Calibration temperature
Possible error limits
Batch numbers

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